How do I make you understand
that it isn’t you that makes me sad.

You have done all that you can,
and the more desperately you try,
the more of a burden I feel I am–
your ball and chain.

I keep you from living your life of joy,
because I can’t keep mine up to par.
I feel that I’m holding you back
from the life you have dreamt.

Don’t look at me with such pain in your eyes.
It breaks my heart that this hurts you, too.
I know my sorrow is your hell,
that you want for me to be happy and well.

Your love has been the buffer
between me and the hereafter.
It keeps me afloat, the buoy to hang on to
when I am sinking.

Just love me, hold me tight.
We’ll ride this mood
to the sunny side.


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