I think it’s time to renew my journey. I’ve had a long enough hiatus (creative block?) and need to get back to blogging. Writing. Posting.

Until I find my rhythm, whether it will be daily or weekly or something in-between, I will post random stuff–ramblings, older poems and hopefully that will spur new ones!

Aug. 2013, waiting for the birth of my first grandchild:
Baby girl:

I can’t wait to cradle you in my arms,
to feel the sweet smoothness
of your velvety baby cheeks,
to count your wee little fingers,
your tender baby toes.

I wonder the colour of your eyes,
and the hue of the soft, fuzzy down
on your tiny head.

I want to smell
the warm, lullaby-baby scent
of mama’s milk and powdered talc,
sunshine and rain.

I want to hear your voice,
from faint whimpers of discontent,
to soft mewlings
that quickly turn to angry wails.

I didn’t anticipate
to feel the soul-ache of motherhood,
the remembrance of my own babies’ births.

I didn’t know
that I could feel such heart-bursting love
for someone I haven’t even met,

I long
for your arrival.




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